What does the acidity of Olive Oil means ?

The acidity is one of the chemical characteristics of Olive Oil in order to determine the qualitative level of the Olive Oil and its category.

 The rate represents the proportion of free acids, which appear when the “triglycerides” of Olive Oil are degraded. This rate is expressed in “grams of free “oleic” acid per 100 grams of Oil.”

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil <8%
  • Virgin Olive Oil <2%
  • Olive Oil pomace <1%
  • Olive Oil < 1%.
What is the first pressure cold?

A method during which Oil seed preheated is pressed once, at the lowest possible temperature to extract a portion of the oil they contain.

This type of pressing enables to keep the nutritious elements of Olive Oil (Vitamins, tocopherols, essential fatty acids, pigments etc…)

BAYA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed oil.

What are the factors that determine the taste of Olive Oil?

Olive Oil is a noble product in which taste and aroma characteristic depend on many criteria such as the variety, the degree of maturity, the quality of Olives, the extraction mode, the stock duration between the harvest and the extraction, the manufacturing techniques, the analysis and the conservation way.

How to recognize a good Olive Oil?

There are many indicators that only experts know how to evaluate Olive Oil. According to the expert Mehdi Saad “the quality of good Oil holds, first and foremost to its fruity aroma. When oil bottle is opened and we perceive that smell of crushed fruit, is that oil is good. Behind that emerge tastes, more or less bitter or pungent, which is one of the best quality indices.

How to conserve Olive Oil?

Olive oil should be stored in good conditions. So, to prevent it rancid, otherwise it oxidizes, Olive Oil should be kept away from air and light in a cool place (between 15° and 19°).

How to choose the right Olive Oil?

For cooking at high temperature, for example, frying and baking, you can use FOURATI Olive Oil, or extra light Olive Oil, which are stable at high temperature.

For the other preparations, such as salad, marinades and sauces, for watering meats, vegetables and enhance the flavor of dishes, use FOURATI Olive Oil Extra Virgin.

 If you want a versatile oil subtle taste Olive for most of your cooking needs, use FOURATI Olive Oil.

 If you prefer an all-purpose Olive Oil, use Pomace olive oil. 

What are the benefits of BAYA Olive Oil?

Tunisia has a rich heritage varietal thanks to its geographical location. Nevertheless, both the varieties Chemlali and Chetoui, are the main varieties cultivated by the group FOURATI.

In fact, Chemlali SFAX offer a fruity Olive Oil especially at the beginning of the countryside with pleasant aromas of green almond and high biological value as it has also significant levels of sterols.

Furthermore, the Chetoui second main variety of the Olive tree in Tunisia gives very fruity oil with green almond flavors and contains high level of phenolic compound (300 ppm) which guarantees the variety stability against the phenomenon of very high oxidation.

What are the benefits of BAYA Olive Oil?

FOURATI Olive Oil is recommended in gastronomy, with its exceptional flavor and the different properties it has for health.

In addition, FOURATI Olive Oil contains antioxidants and other anti-flammatory nutrients in order to reduce the high level of bad cholesterol, fight radicals and prevent premature aging skin.

Furthermore, FOURATI Olive Oil is rich in mono unsaturated fats and oleic, which are linked to reducing risk of occurrence of heart disease.