Our Group

Fourati group contains four active companies in the Olive sector specialized in the extraction, packaging and the exportation of Olive Oil in bulk and packaged.

These companies are located in SFAX, the capital of Olives Oil in Tunisia. And thanks to its strategic location on the Mediterranean coast, SFAX makes the transactions with the major ports quicker and ensures the delivery time.


Planting, harvesting and maintenance

The agrticultural development is our unit responsible of the planting trees, maintenance and the harvesting of olives by hand.


Agroliva is a unit specialized in extracting Olive Oil.  Also, Agroliva has two continuous lines to extract Olive Oil with a capacity of 300 tons per day. 


Export in bulk

Agroliva international is a totally exporting company of Olive Oil in bulk with two locations equipped with different tanks in order to store 6400 tons, and a laboratory dedicated to control the quality of Olive Oil by doing physic chemical and organoleptic analysis approved to the standards of the International Olive Council.

Filling and Bottling

Asdrubal is a totally exporting company specialized in packaging and bottling Olive Oil. It is equipped with high-tech packaging techniques to meet the demands of its customers worldwide.