Fourati group is engaged in a total quality approach and the continuous development in the fabrication process.

And to guarantee the high quality of Olive Oil, all the production process are subjected to the quality control done by experts and certified by external organization certification.


Production Process




The production process starts by choosing Olives. We still use the delicate Olive trees as our ancestors did. The Olives are hand-picked to ensure a rich harvest of better quality.


Olives are transformed to our company Agroliva, which is an independent unity responsible for the extraction of Olive Oil. In addition, Agroliva has two continuous lines of extraction with the capacity of 300 tons per day. 



FOURATI Olive Oil is stored in stainless steel tanks to guarantee the absence of air and light to keep all the valuable nutrients.


FOURATI Olive Oil is tested in our laboratory in order to determine the acidity degree and the quality.


The packaging activity of Olive Oil in bottles is done by our company ASDRUBAL in glass bottles, PET or in metal cans. The capacities are variable from 250 ml to 1 litre for glass bottles and of 175 ml to 5 liter for the metal cans.


 Organic certification organization 


Certification Agriculture biologique



ASDRUBAL will participate in the exhibition "ALIMENTARIA" 25-28 april 2016 in Barcelone.

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